Blu-ray audio discs – an SACD and DVD-Audio replacement

“There simply aren’t enough adjectives to describe this amazing audio Blu-ray…
This is one of the most amazingly visceral surround tracks I’ve ever experienced”

Blu-ray offers superb uncompressed 24/96 or even 192 kHz surround-sound audio, and we are seeing great interest in using the format as a replacement for SACD and DVD-Audio releases – we have already authored 11 Blu-ray audio titles in the last 12 months.

Audio-only means exactly that – the discs can be used in any Blu-ray player without having to switch a TV on, and don’t have to include video footage at all. Audio streams can be switched using coloured function keys on the remote control.

The advantage of this approach is that expensive “universal” players aren’t needed to play the discs, and because there is an embedded legacy DTS stream in all our DTS-HD Master Audio encodes, any player will give surround-sound output, even if the highest-definition formats aren’t supported.

Strictly speaking there is usually a little video, in fact – a subtle abstract menu background for users who choose to navigate using the display, for example. And, bonus video features can always be included if necessary. Subtitles are another “visual” option – in fact, there is potentially much more space on-screen to display these in more detail than on traditional releases, if necessary.

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